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Before and After-school care

We provide before and after-school care for children throughout EYFS and the Junior School. Before-school care begins at 8.00am and continues until 8.45am when children are expected to arrive at school for registration. Before-school care provides children with some quiet time and is a gentle introduction to the school day. Children are able to watch television, read or take part in quiet activities.

After-school care begins at the end of the school day at 3.30pm and ends at 5.30pm. A different activity is provided every day:

  • Monday - Craft Night
  • Tuesday - Baking
  • Wednesday - Games
  • Thursday - Baking
  • Friday - Film Night

Before and after-school care is an option for all our EYFS and Junior pupils, and you will be able to opt in to this service when you register your child with the School.


All parents are entitled to fifteen hours of free care in our nursery per week during term time for children under the age of five. If you have any questions about this scheme, please contact the school office: 01606 891747.


We provide a bus service for children to travel to and from Cransley School. We have four bus routes that cover most towns and villages within a thirteen-mile radius. You can find more information about bus routes and prices in the New Pupil Information Handbook.


Food is an important part of school life, and at Cransley we ensure that every child who opts for our school lunches is provided with balanced and healthy meals. Each child is able to select a main item from the lunch menu, accompanied by a carbohydrate item (such as pasta or potatoes), vegetables, and a desert (fresh fruit is always available as an additional or alternative dessert option). We also offer salad, sandwiches and baked potatoes as an alternative to a hot meal.


When filling out a registration form for your child to join Cransley School, you will be required to inform the School of any circumstances or medical conditions relating to your child, including special dietary requirements or allergies. This will allow the School to provide appropriate care for your child and respond to any medical situation effectively.

Any medication must be handed in to the School Office for safekeeping. Administration of pupils' medication will only be carried out with parental consent. More information about medical care at Cransley School can be found in our First aid and Asthma policies, avilable from the School Office on request..


Our uniform provider is currently School Uniform Direct, however from Easter 2018 onwards the new supplier will be Monkhouses. Please click here to see a full list of our uniform throughout the School. 

Please download our New Pupil Information Handbook to find more information, or contact the School Office if you have any questions.