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Entry into the Junior School can occur in any academic age group, and you are warmly welcome to visit the school, and enjoy a personal tour with the Headmaster.

During a visit, we will get to know you and your child.  Having completed this initial discussion, your child will then be invited to visit the school for two consecutive days, although the two days may be separated if necessary. During this period in the school, your child’s academic and social skills will be assessed formatively in a classroom setting.

It is important to note that, at Cransley, we do not see performance in tests as being the only indicator of potential.  A child's facility for spoken communication, collaboration, problem-solving, intiative and resourcefulness is extremely important to us.

Where tests are administered, they are taken in comfortable and relaxed conditions, so that the child's true abilities can be ascertained. 

For entry into Class 1, 2 and 3, reading, writing and number tasks will be undertaken in the classroom setting.  Short tests may be administered if appropriate for the child.

For entry into Classes 3-6, during the two-day familiarisation period spent in school, your child will be observed on their skills in reading, writing and mathematics, and again a test may be administered if appropriate. 

Parents can express an interest in the school by contacting the school office or by touring the school at a prearranged Open Day, Open Afternoon or at another time by prearrangement through the office.  Email 

An application to the school can be made at any time by completing a Registration Form and returning it to the school office.